Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aftermarket Domains: Are They Worth Premium Prices?

Answer: Sometimes.

The obvious goodies generate a lot of interest; I was involved in the auction at Snapnames, and it eventually sold for the low to mid $xx,xxx.

On the other hand, domains like are questionable. I own this domain because I forgot to delete it from my backorder list, a mistake I won't make again. From now on, nothing will go on my preorder list unless I really want the domain or if I know that it will generate competitive bidding. Sixty bucks is a lot for a domain that doesn't have much going for it.

On the surface, looks good: three great keywords, well put together, but here are some indicators that suggest it won't be all that profitable:
  1. It's not a direct navigation term.
  2. No Alexa or Compete rank.
  3. Traffic: About 30 hits per month.
  4. It's a gambling domain, and online gambling is illegal in the U.S., thus no U.S. adsense.
  5. It's a long domain: three words and 15 characters.
  6. A casino is not likely to be an end user of this domain. For example, if Ace Casino wants to run a promo, it is not likely to set up a separate website for that purpose. Instead, it will create a link to the promo on its homepage, such as
  7. The domain is relatively new: created May 16, 2005 (see Domain Tools).
  8. All of the major TLD's are still available--on a truly valuable name, the other TLD's would have been snapped up as well. (Even if all the major TLD's are taken, it would be a good idea to make sure that the name is not regged by the same person/company).
  9. No Keyword Discovery or Overture rank.
  10. Google search with quotations: 685

One positive: the term is generic.

On the other hand, would be a good aftermarket buy (Five figures? I just don't know. Obviously, I did not bid to win this domain):

  1. This is probably a direct navigation term, which has a long tradition in the entertainment and literary businesses.
  2. Alexa rank of over 3,000,000; Compete rank of over 850,000.
  3. Traffic: about 1,000 hits per month (surprisingly low, in my opinion; see note below).
  4. "Secret Agent" has a lot of advertising possibility.
  5. It's about mid length: two words, 11 characters.
  6. This would be a fantastic opportunity for an end user; if this were my domain, I'd be looking for a development partner (especially if I had paid xx,xxx figures for it).
  7. The domain is middle-aged: Created July 29, 2003 (Domain Tools).
  8. All of the major TLD's have been snapped up, including .tv and .mobi. The plural versions (in all TLDs) are also registered. The singular hyphenated versions are also regged (I own the .tv and .mobi). Some plural hyphenated TLD's are available, although the dot-com is regged.
  9. Keyword Discovery: 5; Overture: 200.
  10. Google Search with quotation marks: over 4,100,000 with two sponsored ads.

A note on traffic: my Post Foetry blog receives 500 -1500 hits per month (see my counter). From a domaining standpoint, this isn't exactly a tear 'em up domain name, but it is a developed site with a small following, especially when I post regularly. Just imagine what kind of traffic a developed site would attract...

Before placing a backorder on an aftermarket name, it is important to do some basic research before joining a backorder auction.

Otherwise, one could end up with a version of

If you are an experienced domainer with anything to add to my comparison list, feel free to comment or email me.

I'll add the info to my list.


Ms Domainer

1 comment:

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Scam Company & Shady Registrar Partners - Protondomains & Media Web Plus

    ICANN has to do something about Snapnames and their Shady Registrar Partners - Protondomains & Media Web Plus, and what they get away with.

    For several months we've had to contend with registrars that includes Directnic, Intercosmos, DirectI, Snapnames, Protondomains, and now Media Web Plus.

    Back in July, My company asked DirectNIC/Intercosmos (through emails and faxes) to release a specific inactive and parked domain name to the public because of our trademark. They did so by expiring and deleting the domain (Thank you Intercosmos!) and we waited patiently for over thirty days to purchase the name when it became available.

    Snapnames grabbed it first through their domain drop and snatch service and then auctioned it off to THEIR shady registry partner and SUBSIDIARY - PROTONDOMAINS. According to Whois:

    "Domain Name: *.COM
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM
    Name Server: NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM
    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 20-dec-2008
    Creation Date: 10-dec-2008
    Expiration Date: 10-dec-2009"

    So first it was under the name of DirectI, a company in India. We called them, and they informed us that they weren't the owners, and then we contacted Oversee and they said that the domain name was being managed by Snapnames under its subsidiary: Prontodomains.

    We then made numerous attempts to reach Protondomains. The Whois information was incorrect, so we made a formal complaint with ICANN about their phony Whois information. The recently restored accurate information to the whois, so hopefully we've led to helping to prevent them from misleading the public in the future.

    We made attempts to contact KJEL HOLMBERG over at Snapnames, but he hasn't replied since December of 2008 (It's now approaching April 2009), only to our surprise that Protondomains might share an office with the folk at Snapnames.

    Recently, the name was sold to or registered by MEDIA WEB PLUS, cybersquatters in the search optimization business. We did reach out to them and they have asked us for $5000 for the name and then to f*ck off when we refused to pay. We forwarded their request as well as our response to I spoke to a couple of folk at Moniker, as they were the only ones answering their phones and they were wondering why Snapnames hadn't responded to our voicemail messages and emails.

    Next We learned that the same domain name is on the Moniker marketplace being sold for $1600 as of 1:38PM EST. Dec. 22nd, 2008. We were confused and so we contacted their customer support line and Moniker explained that Media Web Plus is most likely involved in a practice that is in likelihood violating their terms and agreement as customers of theirs. The domain name also appears on the SEDO marketplace for an unknown bid amount.

    All we want is our name. Media Web Plus along with SEOSEO and are also the owners and administrators of websites that would tarnish our brand name, and for what, so they can make a quick buck?

    We have rights to THIS domain through our business registration in the State of New York and we hold a USPTO trademark and relevant pseudo-mark registration for THIS name, and have engaged in commerce under THIS name, and we were also issued a Tax ID by the IRS number under THIS name and will be filing for our company 2008 tax returns under THIS name.

    On March 26, 2009, Media Web Plus informed us that the name will be sold through SEDO. That means they've had literally no traffic on the name and have been attempting to sell it for their outrageous sum since December 22, 2008!!!

    This was our response (sent the same day):

    "As I mentioned on my previous email, we have a trademark for the name, so anyone who, to their misfortune purchases the name, we will inform them of our rights over the name and what they do from there to get there money back is up to them. I don't think it's even fair for them to be buying into a domain dispute and then delivered cease and desist letters by our lawyers. As long as they want to engage in any activity involving the United States, they'll be confronted by the USPTO as using our name illegally. Who wants that? Is that worth $5000?

    There's a reason why it has taken you so long to sell the name. No one wants it and would have to be reckless to buy it if they did their research. We are cool with buying the name for a $100 and that's it - quick & easy. We already have money set aside for the legal fees and arbitration fees to pursue this issue from start to finish.

    Do what you have to do in the name of business and commerce. Best of luck to you and I hope you guys are successful in your accomplishing your wishes and hopes. We will still always be {inserted domain name}, and doing good by that name for all our world's kids."

    We want our name and won't stop fighting until a transfer is made.WE sent ALL our supporting documents to the above parties, and we will not send them again. We wanted to avoid an arbitration process (it's expensive), but it may come to that. However, we will make sure that any customer, ICANN and anyone who has to deal with SNAPNAMES, PROTONDOMAINS, and MEDIA WEB PLUS will find this board posting, and be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams.

    Fight them!!!

    Anyone wishing to contact me about resolving this matter or have any questions or tips, please do so (to avoid spam) through this site's messaging process. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Email addresses of those mentioned in this posting. Contact them if you face similar issues Good luck future business owners and social entrepreneurs, and thank you ICANN for establishing new policies against those who are a part of why our US economy is bad. We need more oversight and regulations. This issue has made me an advocate for them. Here are the email addresses you won't find as available on the web:

    Also try:

    Attn: Legal (Moniker)
    1600 Southwest 4th Avenue, Suite 400
    Portland, Oregon, 97201
    If you have trouble with MEDIA WEB PLUS, their public whois information (made public) is:

    Registration Service Provided By: MANAGE.SNAPNAMES.COM
    Contact: +1.5034595739

    Domain Name

    Media Web Plus
    nidal elkadri
    125 marcel chaput
    qc,j9a 3b3
    Tel. +1.8197761113

    Kjel P. Holmberg
    SnapNames, Business Development Manager
    115 NW 1st Ave, 3rd Floor
    Portland, Oregon 97209
    503.219.9990 ext. 236


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I welcome your comments!

Ms Domainer

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