Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On GoDaddy's Fire Sale...

I love it!

But going through all those domains is tiring--I have never seen so many crap domains in one place. I often wonder what people are thinking when they register something like ITV100k.biz. Is it just inexperience, or were they drinking at the time?

Well, I have regged my fair share of schmuck domains...

Okay, I fess up: once (and not too long ago), after a stiff shot of rum, I did reg CabanaMama.com. It gets 105 Google hits (Woo, hoo!). I'm not quite sure of my thought processes at the time--maybe a reaction to Cabana Boys...

New rule: alcohol and domaining work do not mix. Long ago, I learned that gambling and drinking don't mix, and, perhaps, domaining is a form of gambling.

Back to GoDaddy's Fire Sale: patience does pay off.

This week, I picked up three one-word domains (.info and .us) with great Google and Overture numbers. I'm not sure how they will play out parked, but I do think they (if priced right) will sell in the aftermarket. I can't reveal what they are yet because I don't actually own them yet; the current registrant still could claim them. That has never happened to me, but then I don't blab specifics until the domains are actually safely tucked into my account.

I also regged a four-word non-hyphenated dot-com, one that rolls off the tongue easily, is a desirable and highly sought-after phrase, and contains BIG MONEY keywords (two pages of sponsored ads). I did pause before pressing the "buy" key, simply because it's four words, but I thought, "What the hey...it's only $12.00 (with coupon)."

I can reveal that I picked up Fear.ws at the Fire Sale. Yeah, it's a lame TLD, but I suspect that it will eventually sell, especially as the one-words in the the sought-after TLD's dry up. "Fear" is a word that taps into every one of us.

One thing, though: in GoDaddy's regular auction format, the expired and reseller domains appear together; it's odd to see a fairly desirable domain listed for $5.00 in the same list as an overpriced ($50,000?) mediocre one--it's crazy. Someone ought to have a word with the resellers about setting realistic prices. I see a lot of domains without bids.

Another thought: shouldn't expired domains be released by the registrar? At least GoDaddy doesn't seem to hold back premiums for themselves (Or do they? Who knows? Perhaps a case for more transparency?)

In a regular registration, I regged Bonuses.tv, but with some trepidation. I have been signing up only a limited number of .tv's because they're so darned expensive. The next time GoDaddy offers the $9.99 deal again, I'll renew the prime ones.

I think the .tv folks are killing their own TLD by holding back the premiums and charging a yearly rental fee that far exceeds the value of the TLD, which will never take off because no one wants to pay a huge aftermarket price every year for the same domain. They should just sell the durn things for a one-time fee and get them out there and in use.

A TLD only has value if a lot of domainers and end-users are actually regging and using them.

Greed is not good for .tv (which should be a naturally sought after TLD).

I hope that the .tv people will soon figure this out...

I sold a domain recently; I didn't think it would happen so soon in my embryonic career. Nice...

Anyway, just some thoughts before I hit the sack.

Ms Domainer


  1. "Another thought: shouldn't expired domains be released by the registrar?"

    Yes they should! This is a huge conflict of interests - once the name is parked on the registrar expired page, they instantly know the traffic and value.

    There needs to be more public outrage but the process is so convoluted and obscure no one knows what is going on.

    At least I believe that godaddy does not hold back good names for themselves, but who knows.

    I know the other guys do and thats a fact.

    ICANN doesn't care. The only people who attend those meetings and bring up issues are the same ones who want to keep this under wraps. The registrars prefer to solve problems between themselves and keep their golden geese a secret.

    Auctioning off expired domains is a 2-sided coin though... if they deleted a domain, and you wanted it, you have to place backorders with numerous drop-catchers to get the highest probability of getting a shot at the name. If they auction it via an exclusive partner or website, at least you can be gauranteed to at least get into the auction for the name (except the ones they hold back).

  2. John,

    I suppose the general public doesn't care (or understand); believe it or not, there are people out there who have no clue how to reg a domain.

    Heck, if the average John Q Doe and Jane Q Doe knew the value of their unwanted generic domains, they would renew their virtual real estate and SELL them.

    Domainers, on the other hand, SHOULD be outraged. This will come back to bite them in the butt, especially when ALL deleted domains begin going through a monopolistic auction house.

    Worse yet, we can expect to see more law suits. The TM Domain Lawyers will be busy, indeed.

    Ms Domainer


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Ms Domainer

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